100 Years in America: our Centennial Artwork

June 19, 2024

The Sisters are excited to share the beautiful Centennial Artwork, an original painting by Sr. Ana. The artwork will be a visual centerpiece through the Centennial Year. Inspired by the Centennial Theme, “A Journey of Faith… Love Leads Us On,” the artwork highlights four meaningful symbols—the Lamb, a boat, a sunrise, and water.

Sr. Ana said, “The Lamb, representing our Redeemer who is Love, is our source and ongoing inspiration from whom the living water flows and carries us along, as it carried the first 12 Sisters to America. The boat not only symbolizes the ship the first 12 Sisters arrived on, but it also represents faith—sailing along on smooth or rough waters. The scriptures often depict the disciples in a boat fishing or struggling to stay afloat in rough waters. Jesus appears or awakes and reminds them not to be afraid—to have faith. The sunrise, welcoming another day, signifies a new beginning, another step of the journey—a future filled with the light of hope.”