Caring for Our World

We Affirm the Sacredness of Life

The Sisters of the Redeemer embrace the call to be a healing presence in the world.  We are dedicated to affirming the sacredness of life beginning with human life and extending to all life forms found in the beautiful gifts of God’s creation.

Care for our Sisters and Brothers

We address issues of injustice facing our sisters and brothers across the world including human trafficking, violence and abuse in all forms.  We believe in the right of all people to live in peace and safety and condemn all forms of oppression.  We commit ourselves to the support of refugees.  We believe that access to quality healthcare and education is a right of all persons.

Care for our Animals

We believe in sharing our land with God’s beautiful creatures.

Care for the Earth 

In response to God’s call, we strive to raise awareness of the fragility of the earth’s resources. We seek out ways to better care for the earth, maintain its resources and commit to the health of the environment.