Exploring Your Call

You shall undertake nothing nor give any counsel before having sought advice from God.”
Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger

Do I have a vocation?

Through your Baptism, Jesus calls you to a life of holiness – of being a loving presence in the world. You live this calling out in a way that is as unique as you are. As a person in the Catholic Church today, there are three main vocations to choose from as the way to live out your call: Single Life, Married Life, or Consecrated Religious Life.
Therefore, everyone has a vocation!

Each way of living has its own gifts, joys, struggles and blessings. No particular way is better than any other, but there is only one vocation that will be uniquely suited to call forth the best of who God has made you to become.

How do I know which vocation will allow me to become the best “Me”?

Discernment: This is a process for deciding which vocation you are called to and then the specific way in which to live out your vocation. Discernment is about listening to the voice of God who calls you through the ordinary events of your life….HOW?

Prayer: Prayer is about awareness – awareness of God, of your inner emotions and thoughts, of the circumstances and events of your life. Taking time for quiet reflective prayer assists in developing your relationship with God. Prayer experiences can include journaling, retreats, attending Mass regularly and solitude.

Spiritual Direction: Sometimes, it helps to talk out loud about the things in your heart. Having a trusted friend, mentor and/or spiritual director to listen can be valuable during the discernment process to help you to identify your gifts and talents. Perhaps there is a mentor, a wise, older person in your life; someone you know from school or your parish. Many people in discernment find it helpful to talk with a spiritual director. A spiritual director has special training to help guide others in learning more about prayer and in understanding the ways God is working in the ordinary experiences of their life.

Three Key Questions:
What gives you joy?

Are you good at these things?
Does anybody need you to do these things?

The Sisters of the Redeemer are available to assist you with your discernment, or simply to answer your questions about religious life. Please feel free to contact us with your questions by calling 215-914-4110 or emailing vocations@holyredeemer.com.