A Healing Presence in a Hurting World: A Reflection from Sr. Kimberly Kessler

April 4, 2020

True to the Charism of Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger and Redeemer Spirituality, our Sisters are serving those in need in many ways during this pandemic. In addition to offering prayers, Sisters of the Redeemer are offering steadfast support to Holy Redeemer Health System patients, residents, and employees through pastoral care, educating today’s youth through new online methods, and serving in leadership roles at the Health System during this critical time. Recently several of our Sisters took time to assemble masks, which have been in great need to many.

Sr. Kimberly Kessler, who has been working with the Health System’s pastoral care department, offers this personal perspective of her experiences serving others in time of crisis:


“I arise very early to work at a temperature check station at Holy Redeemer Hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. I think to myself that I am just there to give a helping hand and check the staff members’ temperatures who come through the door for work. As my shift starts and I begin to greet each staff member, I realize that this thought of simply giving a helping hand was truly so much more.

During my time at this temperature check station, I was able to be a healing and calming presence to those who are experiencing various emotions of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear.

With every sacred encounter with each staff member, I was reminded of the scripture, ‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’ (Psalm 46:10) God was allowing me to be His instrument to His people and be a calming presence in the midst of uncertainty. I was able to be a pastoral and healing presence to each person I encountered along the way. I was able to personally thank each and every staff member working for us at Holy Redeemer Hospital and assure them that the Sisters of the Redeemer were praying for them.

God allowed me to be a presence to those in my midst and assure them of my concern and appreciation for each and every one of them.

This was a very humbling and moving experience for me, and I am so very grateful.”