A Message of Hope from Sr. Anne Marie Haas: Don’t Stop Believing!

June 23, 2020

My Message of Hope is one that I received some years ago from a little four year old, afflicted with an inoperable brain tumor. The Sisters and I had the privilege of befriending “Sophie” who frequented our chapel with her little brother and family. Sophie loved the stained glass windows and always jumped into the multi colors that were reflected by the sun onto the floor.

Sophie’s last time in the Chapel, before her passing two days before Christmas, was the time I received her message of hope. As Sophie was carried out the door in her Mom’s arms, I will never forget her tossing her head side to side and singing with full voice “????????????’???? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????” from the rock group Journey.

Sophie’s message to me that day is my message to you. If you wonder where God is in the midst of this pandemic- Look at every person on the front lines and the many people behind the scenes working to keep everyone healthy; to keep children learning; to offer a word of comfort or support.

Look at care providers at the bedside of dying people who stand in for families who cannot be there or those who are providing home care to sick people or comfort to nursing home residents impacted by visiting restrictions. Look at delivery people and mail carriers. Look at senior citizens home alone praying the rosary for the world. Look at everyone doing what they should (including children) to prevent the spread of this virus even with great hardship to themselves. Look locally in your family, your city, look in your country and look widely around the whole world impacted by this virus. And don’t forget… Look in the mirror. Where is God? God is in the face you see. Spread God around and Don’t Stop Believing!


-Sr. Anne Marie Haas