Everyday Redeeming Love: Look at Him!

June 23, 2020

Look at Him! 

Look closely at this powerful icon of Jesus falling under the crush of the Cross and hear his voice gasping, “I can’t breathe.”

That is everyday redeeming love. 

George Floyd is Jesus crushed and gasping. Not a symbol pointing to, but rather a reality, shared

and sharing, Christ united and uniting this man’s suffering with his own. That is the crux of the word redeeming.

Jesus’ redemptive suffering crossing centuries and cultures in a universal compassion that his Father, the Creator God, so desirous of holding, healing and restoring us to the beauty we were created to be, even in our choosing to sin, individually and collectively. That is the crux of love.

Not only is this 400-year enslaved country that is our unique historical suffering in need of desperate, deep healing, but everyone of us who inhabit this land. Everyone, especially our Black sisters and brothers, so crushed and always gasping under the weight of sin so systemic that our founding Constitution declared them 3/5 of a person!

Not only this suffering, enormous and lurking large right now.

But every single suffering, of every single person, little or much, short or protracted. That is the crux of everyday.

Our Charism is centered on looking at Christ and his face in every person suffering.


–  Fr. Joe Driscoll