Everyday Redeeming Love: Proclaiming Hope!

May 20, 2020

April 25, so can’t wait!

Scheduled: 200 wedding guests, beautiful gowns and sharp-looking tuxes, a cathedral in Raleigh NC, an old brick, high-ceiling venue for the reception.

Cancelled: all of the above.

After “too old” protestations, even 92-year old great Aunt Helen from Quebec City was going to make the trek.  After some sadness and grieving, Kenny and Katie’s resiliency in humor and hope are raised up in an email message to all the guests inviting them to send selfies to them on the once scheduled wedding day for a collage when the new day comes.

And then this week an announcement of the new date in 2021 entitled: Love is not cancelled.

Pretty cool right?

So, what else is not cancelled in this Coronavirus Cancellation Policy?

A ministry.  A ministry whose mission is to care, comfort and heal.  A ministry with a charism – a unique gift of the Holy Spirit to a woman in a tiny village in France – that spread, is spreading right now in you, will always spread more powerfully than any disease, disaster or despair.

In our Redeemer Spirituality, God takes our vision from narrowness to vastness.

The message on our family post card today: God’s Redeeming Love is not cancelled. 

– Fr. Joe Driscoll