Hope Found in God’s Creation: a Reflection by Sr. Janet Wingert

May 20, 2020

St. Peter wrote “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.”

The spring is filled with Paschal Mystery—the life, death, and resurrection of creation. I see new life in beautiful spring flowers and in the robin’s nest outside the Province Center filled with exquisite blue eggs ready to hatch. I see new life in the baby born into my family in March.

As I walk around our grounds and the Hospital’s campus—including St. Joseph Manor and Redeemer Village, I think of the sickness and suffering of others and our great heroes in our facilities. I pray for all who have been touched by this virus.

I pray for all who have died and for their families, finding hope in knowing and believing that our Redeemer is here and that our life continues from earthly life to eternal life with our God, Redeemer, and Holy Spirit.