Newsletter – July 2019

July 2, 2019

Upcoming Events

Come & See Retreats– Seeking a deeper relationship with God? We offer retreats to explore questions of faith and to share an experience of our life of prayer, community, and  service.  For more information please contact us to learn when the next retreat will be offered.




Independence Day Liturgy – Mass will be held at 11:30am on July 4th at our Redeemer Chapel

Holy Hour 1st Friday of each month at our Redeemer Chapel. You are welcome to join us for Eucharistic Adoration between 4 – 5pm on Friday, July 5th.



Vacation Bible School -This year’s Bible School is themed Roar:  Life is wild; God is good  and will be hosted at the Province Center of the Sisters of the Redeemer from August 12 – 16, 2019.  Volunteering is a great way to participate and have fun – and is always greatly appreciated.  Please contact Sr. Maryanne King at 267-228-0448 if you are interested in registering a child or being a volunteer for 1 day or the entire week.



Summer Garden Internship:
SERVE at Redeemer Valley Garden
LEARN about sustainable growing practices
GROW spiritually and live together in community sharing meals and prayer.
Learn more about this exciting new opportunity!


Recent Events

A warm welcome – Today we welcomed our Sister Tadea from Tanzania, East Africa.  She will be with us for 5 weeks as part of her sabbatical. Karibu Sana!

RMC Liturgy of Thanksgiving – On Monday, June 24th we celebrated Jackie Hutchison as she completed her year of service and community as a Redeemer Ministry Corps (RMC) volunteer.  Thank you, Jackie!

New Leadership Team for our Province – On June 29th during our Province Chapter of Elections three Sisters were named for the New Leadership Team:  Sr. Ellen Marvel, Province Leader; Sisters Anita Bolton and Ana Dura as Province Assistants.


by Sr. Ana Dura from our July 2011 Newsletter Archive
I watched a ladybug make her way through the field, one piece of grass at a time.  No map had she—only going where one blade of grass crossed another giving her a bridge to the next.  Her footing was sure and unwavering.  She did not stop in confusion trying to figure out which direction though there were thousands, if not millions of options.  She could not see the enormous field in which she was an unseen speck.  She had no mapped out journey, no clear direction, yet she was unfazed.  Wherever she went there was a way.  There was no right or wrong path.
I reflected on my own journey—life-long and daily.  So many choices, so much decision-making, sometimes confusion:  “Which is the right way?”  Sometimes the enormity of the field—looking too far ahead leaves me afraid to move.  But I remember how each time I take a step forward, a way opens.  God gently reassures me that God is with me which ever way I go.   I am also led to reflect that so often our richest experiences happen while on the journey,  and these in turn make the destination that much more meaningful.
Take a moment to notice the little things around you.  How do they speak to your heart?