Newsletter – June 2019

June 1, 2019

Upcoming Events

Come & See Retreats– Seeking a deeper relationship with God? We offer retreats to explore questions of faith and to share an experience of our life of prayer, community, and   service.  For more information please contact us to learn when the next retreat will be offered.



Holy Hour 1st Friday of each month at our Redeemer Chapel. You are welcome to join us for Eucharistic Adoration between 4 – 5pm on Friday, June 7th.


Contemplative Photography Retreat – June 22nd, 10am – 4pm.  Join us on a spiritual journey to open your eyes and mind anew to the beauty of God’s creation.  Contemplative photography develops the ability to look deeper at the inspiration of the world all around . . . and within.  Located at the Province Center of the Sisters of the Redeemer.  Please contact Sr. Kim Kessler, CSR at or 214-914-4110 for more information.



Liturgy of Thanksgiving – On Monday, June 24th we will celebrate Jackie Hutchinson as she completes her year of service as a Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer.  Thank you, Jackie!




Vacation Bible School -This year’s Bible School is themed Roar:  Life is wild; God is good  and will be hosted at the Province Center of the Sisters of the Redeemer from August 12 – 16, 2019.  Volunteering is a great way to participate and have fun – and is always greatly appreciated.  Please contact Sr. Maryanne King at 267-228-0448 if you are interested in registering a child or being a volunteer for 1 day or the entire week.


Summer Garden Internship:
SERVE at Redeemer Valley Garden
LEARN about sustainable growing practices
GROW spiritually and live together in community sharing meals and prayer.
Learn more about this exciting new opportunity!


Recent Events

Feast of the Redeemer, On May 18th, 
the 4th Saturday of Easter we celebrated the feast day of our Congregation with a special Liturgy and festivities as we renewed our vows and Redeemer Associates made their re-commitment to prayer and service.


Tenth year for Sisters’ school garden – May 31st marked the last visit of second grade students to the garden for this school year.  The 29 children will take turns tending the garden throughout the summer with their families. This is the tenth year our school garden program has been running!


As we await the Feast of Pentecost on Sunday, June 9th, we recall the experience of the Apostles as they moved from a place of fear to that of courage and faith.  One moment they are locked inside a room praying because of confusion and fear, the next they are sharing God’s love in the streets, singing songs even in prison, and risking their lives for the sake of the Good News.  Such conversion can only be attributed to the gift of the Holy Spirit they were given at the first Pentecost.

This is our story as well.  We are given the gift to move from fear to love when we open our hearts to receive the Holy Spirit; when we pray to listen; when we seek God’s desire for us and our lives; when we humbly accept who we are and our need for God.  God has declared us temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 16: 19-20), we carry this fire within us and we must tend it and share it less the flame die down or be squelched.  How can you tend this flame of God’s Spirit that is within you?

Original artwork by                   Sr. Ana Dura CSR