Newsletter – March 2020

February 27, 2020

Upcoming Events

Alternative Spring Break – We look forward to welcoming the students from Michigan State University who will stay with us for their Alternative Spring Break week of service, March 1—7th.

Feast of St. Joseph – March 19th marks 96 years since our Sisters first arrived in the United States.  We seek the intercession of St. Joseph, one of our Patron Saints, who is a model for us through his silence, his availability, his readiness to listen to God’s unexpected calls and set out on unfamiliar journeys (from our Constitutions).



Life Awareness Retreat – “Disconnect and plug into the voice of God.”  March 20 -22nd.  Ages 18 – 45. Mother Boniface Spirituality Center.    Please contact Sr. Ivette Diaz 494-562-1574.  RSVP by March 16th.  A place and space to listen to God and others on this journey of faith.

Come & See Retreats– Seeking a deeper faith and relationship with God? We offer retreats to explore questions of faith and to share an experience of our life of prayer, community, and  service.  For more information please contact Sr. Kim to learn when the next retreat will be offered.

A Year of Faith, Community and Service!  Applications for our 2020 – 2021 Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer year are now being accepted.



Holy Hour 1st Friday of each month at our Redeemer Chapel. You are welcome to join us for Eucharistic Adoration between 4 – 5pm on Friday, March 6th.

Redeemer Associate Gathering – March 19th,  7pm at the Province Center.  This month will be a Lenten Reflection Learn more about Redeemer Associates

Mass and Simple Supper –  March 30th @ 6pm.  All are welcome to evening Mass and supper on the last Monday of each month.   Please RSVP prior to the date.

Summer Garden Internship:
SERVE at Redeemer Valley Garden
LEARN about sustainable growing practices
GROW spiritually and live together in community sharing meals and prayer.
Learn more about this exciting opportunity!


Redeemer Valley Community Garden offers a variety of volunteer and service opportunities for individuals and groups. Learn more about Redeemer Valley Community Garden

Recent Events

Return to the Greenhouse – volunteers joined in to start seedlings for the community garden and our plant sales.  Spring is coming!

Donut Day – A couple of the Sisters woke up early Tuesday morning, February 25th to make Fastnachts (old fashioned German Donuts) before Lent began.


Excerpt from our Blog  

The scripture readings from Sunday, February 23rd were fitting as we prepared to enter the season of Lent.  The scriptures make God’s desire for us clear:  we are temples of God’s Spirit, we are called to be holy as God is holy, and as such we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves but even more, to love our enemies; refuse revenge; let go of grudges (Leviticus 19:1-2,17-18; 1 Corinthians 3:16-23; Matthew 5:38-48).

God our Creator, in whose image we are made, is a God of love and mercy.  We are constantly in need of tuning that we may be  aligned with the pitch of this eternal hymn.  We are in need of turning and returning (repenting and conversion) towards our true nature in God.

Our deepest desires; our unrest; our nagging consciousness- these are all part of the tuning and turning.  But do we notice?  Lent is a time of retreat.  A time to strip away the masks and costumes – the excess, so that we may hear and see more clearly the Voice of Love calling us to wholeness and  freedom.

Our theme for Lent this year is “Repent and Believe in the Gospel.”  These are the words that we hear as we are marked with the sign of the cross on Ash Wednesday.

It will be our daily reminder to turn towards our Redeemer allowing ourselves to be tuned; seeking awareness of all discord within our hearts, thoughts, words and actions.  We can do this because we believe in the Gospel; a proclamation of God’s love and mercy.