Newsletter – November 2019

October 30, 2019

Upcoming Events

National Vocation Awareness Week – November 3 – 9th.

Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary – November 17th.  The Church and our Congregation celebrate the life and faith of St. Elizabeth.  She is one of the patron saints of our Congregation for her witness is living the Works of Mercy:  Feeding the hungry, clothing the vulnerable, visiting and caring for the sick . . .




Jubilee!  Sr. Mary Alphonse Hamel will celebrate her 60 years of Religious Life on November 17th with Mass and a special meal.  Congratulations!




Come & See Retreats– Seeking a deeper relationship with God? We offer retreats to explore questions of faith and to share an experience of our life of prayer, community, and  service.  For more information please contact Sr. Kim to learn when the next retreat will be offered.



Holy Hour 1st Friday of each month at our Redeemer Chapel. You are welcome to join us for Eucharistic Adoration between 4 – 5pm on Friday, November 1st.


Redeemer Associate Gathering – November 14th,  7pm at the Province Center.  This month’s Reflection – Those Who Mourn – Human Frailty.  Learn more about Redeemer Associates

Evening Mass & Supper – Join us for Mass and a simple meal on the last Monday of each month at 6pm. The next date is November 25th.  Respond here to attend.

Thanksgiving Day Liturgy November 28th – All are welcome to join us for Mass on Thanksgiving Day at 11:30am at our Redeemer Chapel


Christmas Shoppe November 22 – 23rd  at our Art Gallery.   Join us to receive exclusive access to some of the area’s finest handmade gifts–original paintings, photography, jewelry, candles, and more! Perfect for holiday shopping. All proceeds benefit the Drueding Center, our transitional housing ministry for women and children experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia.

Recent Events

Community Garden Service Day – On October 11th several students from a local high school joined in planting garlic and helping with fall clean up in our community garden.  We are grateful for their presence and many helping hands!

A visit to the Country – Sisters and Redeemer Ministry Corps members took a trip to Lancaster.  It so happens that Sr. Anita is from there and provided a wonderful tour of the sights.


Taken from our Blog post “What are you looking for?” by Sr. Ana Dura CSR

Today we continue to search for that which will fill our deep emptiness and longing. We too long to be known, loved and healed. This thirst keeps us seeking for more and more ways to satisfy this need. Some call it a God shaped emptiness; a space and need only God can fill. However we live in a time and culture where we are surrounded by voices telling us that material possessions will fill that vacancy. Even our leaders persuade us that power, wealth, and laws to enforce a sense of security will achieve happiness. But over and over, so many lives tell us it’s not true. I think of the song by U2 “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

In the midst of this clamor, Jesus offers us the humble image of sheep and their shepherd.  We hear the psalmist utter these timeless words, “The Lord is my shepherd; their is nothing I shall want.”! God knows what we need. The second reading from Ephesians describes this deep need, “He came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near.”

Peace is discovered when we believe that we are known and loved without condition. In all of our searching we discover that all we need is right here. We only need to listen and believe in the voice of our Shepherd.

Listen to Jesus’ invitation to the apostles as he recognized their need, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.” The apostles didn’t get as long a reprieve as they may have liked or even as Jesus had hoped for them. So too may be your experience, nonetheless take what time you have to prayer with Psalm 23. You may want to sing it, read it, or listen to it. This deep peace of being known and loved is yours at all times; in every situation.