Our farm family is growing

January 23, 2018

Under the care of Sr. Ana Dura our farm at Redeemer Valley Garden is expanding. In addition to the chickens, roosters, ducks, rabbits and goats we now have three sheep. They are all female.


Two are East Friesian Dairy Sheep. You’ll easily be able to recognize them because they have tails. Socks is black and white with brown wool. She is very out going and will greet you when you visit. Mitzi is all white and little more shy than her sister.






Fiona is a Cheviot Sheep. Unlike the other two Fiona does not have a tail. She is long-woolen and hornless. You can tell her apart from Mitzi by her full thick distinctive helical crimp wool. While she is still shy and getting to know her new home, Fiona is a very sweet girl.