Proclaiming Hope- Spring 2018

April 12, 2018

After a brief hiatus, we take up, once again, sharing news with you through Proclaiming Hope!

Our two-word title, Proclaiming Hope, was chosen after a great deal of thought about what we hoped the publication would accomplish. It is our hope that this publication provides a gentle reminder that virtues like love, truth, generosity, and compassion are eternally flowing through our world, however obscured they may be by the sometimes louder noise of anger, ego, fear, and ignorance. It is our belief, and a central aspect of our faith, that hope exists at all times and in all places. And so, we use this publication, as well as the beauty of words and photos of our new website (, to proclaim the existence of hope, and to bring you news of people and events that demonstrate hope in action.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Proclaiming Hope. Whether or not your name or picture appears here, please know that when we proclaim hope, we are celebrating the unique and irreplaceable contribution that each of you makes to our shared mission and to our world.

Proclaiming Hope Spring 2018- 3-20-18.compressed