Thank you Sister Anne Marie Dolan for 35 years of service to homebound patients

February 23, 2018

Sr. Anne Marie Dolan is a native of Philadelphia. She attended St. Matthew Catholic School and St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls. She entered the order of the Sisters of the Redeemer on October 15, 1976 at the age of 35. At the beginning of February, Sr. Anne retired as a certified home-health aide after 35 years of service.

After graduating high school Sr. Anne worked various office jobs, one of which was in accounts payable department of Holy Redeemer Hospital. During this time Sr. Mary Alphonse Hamel would stop by the office to check up on things as they were short an employee. Sr. Anne did not think she had a religious vocation as a Sister at the time but Sr. Alphonse thought differently. This was Sr. Anne’s first introduction to the Sisters.

During formation, Sr. Anne participated in various ministries. In 1982, the Sisters were opening a visiting nurse agency in Swainton, NJ (now known as Holy Redeemer Home Care and Hospice) and needed home-health aides. Feeling this was where she was meant to be Sr. Anne volunteered. She always enjoyed ministry that was more hands on opposed to the office work she had previously done.

Over her 35 years in home healthcare Sr. Anne feels that she was able to minister beyond the physical needs of the person. Her tender touch and gentle smile have been a source of healing to homebound patients and their families for decades. She has many fond memories and feels she has grown from her time in this ministry. Sr. Anne believes she “received more than she gave”. When asked what she thought of her time in this ministry she replied “It’s all been a gift”.

Retirement is still new for Sr. Anne. She’s been able to say good-bye to fellow co-workers and enjoy some time with family and friends.  As for the future, Sisters do not retire from their primary vocational call but continue to minister by living the charism and spirituality of the Congregation.  Sister Anne will, therefore, continue to be a healing presence spreading the Redeemer charism in her gentle and sincere manner by service to those in need in the surrounding communities.