Words of Healing for our Global Community

January 17, 2018

-To Sisters of the Redeemer throughout the world and to our Global Community-

This past week, a horribly offensive comment – reportedly made at the highest level of the United States government – was extensively reported and repeated in the media. While responsibility for the remark in question has not been accepted, the words it contained are now reverberating throughout the world. As a Religious Congregation with a global mission and presence, it is important that we share our thoughts on this matter.

The Sisters of the Redeemer in America add our voice to the world’s collective protest of the hurtful and demoralizing statement reputedly made by the President. This appallingly derogatory remark degrades the value and dignity of millions of our Sisters and Brothers in the Global Community. It cannot and has not been accepted or tolerated. As importantly, we express in the strongest possible terms our reproach at the insult that has been made to our beloved Sisters in Africa, to the refugees currently being housed and cared for by our Sisters in Germany, and to the communities in Haiti, Honduras, and throughout the world where we actively support organizations providing care and compassion to very vulnerable people. We assure all of you that, in the United States, the overwhelming response to the alleged comment has been one of complete revulsion. Neither the comment, nor anyone who would use such words, is representative of the hearts, minds, and beliefs of the American people.

As Sisters of the Redeemer, we are “called to be a healing presence in a broken world.” We are saddened that what has transpired this past week has brought further injury to a world already burdened with the crippling influences of poverty, hatred, violence, and oppression. But it only hardens the resolve of our Sisters, and all who contribute to our mission and to similar missions around the world, to reflect the healing light of God’s love where and on whom it is most needed.