The Sisters of the Redeemer Mourn Sr. Mary Alphonse Hamel

September 10, 2020

Sr. Mary Alphonse Hamel, 86, a Sister of the Redeemer for 63 years, died September 8, 2020. Sister was born Lorraine Therese Hamel in Laconia, N.H., and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., by her parents, the late Doris and Lorenzo Alphonse Hamel. She is survived by her beloved brother Frank; nieces Margaret Hamel-Daymon (James) and Theresa...

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Everyday Redeeming Love: A Virtual Celebration of Blessed Alphonse Maria

September 10, 2020

Zoom in on September 9 to celebrate! Zoom down starting with God’s love story in creation. Zoom further to Jesus’ love story in the flesh and blood of time and space in redemption. Zoom way down like a Google Earth picture, to Niederbrönn, France to a singular love story with a still-silent annunciation at the...

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Celebrate the Feast of Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger

September 9, 2020

Today, September 9th, we celebrate the Feast of Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger, our Founder, and a woman of deep faith and active compassion for others’ suffering. This date, which is also her birthday, was assigned by the Vatican upon her beatification in 2018. Her legacy of caring for sick, poor, and vulnerable persons continues to...

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Newsletter – September 2020

September 8, 2020

Upcoming Events Currently our regular public events are on hold as the world experiences this Pandemic.  We look forward with hope to the time we can gather again to celebrate the gift of community and faith. Feast of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Maria Eppinger, – September 9th. Elizabeth Eppinger was born in Niederbronn (Alsace) on...

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Everyday Redeeming Love: Powerful WORDS

September 2, 2020

Useless is the horse for safety; despite its great strength, it cannot be saved. The biblical context: a victory psalm of the power of God’s word in creative design contrasting with the plots of kings wreaking destruction with armies. This man Leroy’s context: the early 80’s as the Bishop of Amarillo, Texas, with the nation’s...

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The Sisters of the Redeemer Mourn Sr. Barbara Deitrich

July 25, 2020

Sr. Barbara Mary Deitrich, 72, a Sister of the Redeemer who was called by God to be a healing presence in a hurting world, died July 22, 2020. Sr. Barbara was born and raised in Pottsville, Pa. and was the daughter of the late John and Julia Deitrich and the beloved and devoted sister of...

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Sisters of the Redeemer Transition Religious Sponsorship of Holy Redeemer Health System to Newly-Formed Redeemer Ministries

July 21, 2020

The Sisters of the Redeemer announced that they have taken a significant step forward to ensure that Holy Redeemer Health System will maintain its Catholic identity well into the future. They have officially transitioned their sponsor role of the Health System to a new sponsor officially erected by the Vatican, called Redeemer Ministries. This move...

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Everyday Redeeming Love: Beholding, not Backing Off

July 15, 2020

Beholding, not Backing Off Lots of walking. Lots of people walking.  Out into the open air. Walking, my eyes look to the right at the boats of all sizes gently rocking in the marina with lovely names, calligraphies on the stern: Tranquility, Restful Breezes, La Belle Rousse. And then a jolt as eyes landing on...

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Everyday Redeeming Love: Heaven on Earth

July 9, 2020

Heaven on Earth I lift my eyes to the mountains, from whence shall come my help? No, this prayer not originating in the 2020 captivity of this pandemic, nor the conquest of the twitter untruths, nor the destruction of social media tribal gatherings. What does the prayer of Psalm 121 see when eyes are lifted?...

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Everyday Redeeming Love: Caring for Creation

July 1, 2020

Caring for Creation The Muslim bowing five times daily, the Jew kissing the mantle of the Torah, the Hindu marking her forehead, the Catholic genuflecting before the tabernacle, the Sikh touching his head to the ground, and the Protestant raising up the holy writ. Such signs of reverence in the unique home of each of...

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